An adoption story

Welcome. If you’ve found this blog, you either (a) know us, or (b) you’re into reading random WordPress blogs.

Either way, we’re glad you found us. As those in Group (a) know, we’ve been working on starting a family for a while, and now we’re finally going to do it, through the miracle of adoption.

Through the extremely costly miracle of adoption. 

Which brings us to this blog. Elliot’s parents live next to a couple that has adopted three children. A suggestion they gave us for raising money was a giveaway. That is what this is about. 

In the post above this one, there is a PayPal button, and a picture of an iPad (Retina Display, 4th Gen.), Samsung Galaxy Tab 3, and a 40″ Samsung Smart TV. We are giving away one of these items on December 15, 2013 (just in time for Christmas!). Would you to be the person we give it to?

Make a donation to our adoption fund through PayPay: $5 gets you five chances at the consumer electronic item of your choice (from the list), $10 gets you ten chances, $20 gets you twenty chances. You get the idea.

After you’ve made your donation, send an email to gruszkababy[at]gmail[dot]com, with your:

Mailing Address
Date of your Donation
Amount of your Donation

On Dec. 15 we’ll do a random selection, contact the winner, and find out which choice you want. Easy! Fun! Supporting us in our dreams! Item will ship to your house in time for Christmas!

Thank you so much for your prayers and support. We couldn’t do without it!